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Yoto Card Animal Stories - Enid Blyton

Yoto Card Animal Stories - Enid Blyton

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Yoto Says: 30 stories for the animal lover in all of us, from the brilliant mind of Britain’s most popular children’s author. 

A fantastic collection of 30 stories about animals of all shapes and sizes, this will charm children aged six and up. From pet puppies to woodland wildlife, garden birds to pond-dwelling frogs, Enid Blyton was a devoted and knowledgeable animal lover.

Listeners who feel the same way are bound to love her wonderful stories about our furry friends - and scaly, feathery or fluttery ones, too!

1. The Kitten That Disappeared, 2. The Tale of the Goldfish, 3. Good Dog, Tinker! 4. Clever Old Budgie, 5. The Cow That Lost Her Moo, 6. A Little Bit of Magic, 7. The Noah's Ark Lion, 8. Silly Simon and the Goat, 9. The Very Little Hen, 10. Spiny's Good Turn, 11. What a Surprise!, 12. The Old Toad and the Spider, 13. Binkle's Tail, 14. The Great Big Bumblebee, 15. The Cat Without Whiskers, 16. When the Donkey Sneezed, 17. The Banana Robber, 18. The Beautiful Big Bone, 19. Good Old Shelly-Back!, 20. Hoo-Hoo's Party, 21. Tinker-Dog and Prince, 22. Boo! Boo! Boo!, 23. It's Nice to Have a Friend, 24. The Poor Little Owl, 25. Hurrah for the Pepperpot!, 26. Adventure in the Woods, 27. Black Bibs, 28. The Foolish Frog, 29. The Little Lost Hen, 30. The Goldfish That Grew.

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